April 2022 PDF Auction Catalogues

April Stamps & Postal History - 5-Day Auction

DAY 1/5 - April 21

DAY 1 will consist of worldwide coins and banknotes, and stamps from the Rest of the World from Africa to Israel. There are many better collections and accumulations throughout.

Highlights include:
Quality Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France and Colonies, Germany and States, and Israel collections.

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DAY 2/5 - April 22

DAY 2 will consist of only British Commonwealth material from Aitutaki to Zululand. There are many rarer singles and better collections/accumulations throughout. There is a strong offering of Australia and States, Bermuda, British Africa, Ceylon, Hong Kong, Ireland, New Zealand, and so much more.

Highlights include:
Many quality Bermuda groupings
Bermuda 1930 #95a 2sh 6p Pale Orange Vermillion & Black, Grey-Blue MLH
British Honduras 1888 #23 10c on 4p Violet Block of 12 MNH
Falkland Islands 1933 #65-#76 MLH
Fantastic Victoria Hong Kong collections
Ireland 1922 #38 10sh Gray Blue VF MNH

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DAY 3/5 - April 23

DAY 3 will consist of Canada and Great Britain singles. There are many rarer Victorian stamps, all the way through QEII. There are many better collections and accumulations throughout, with something for every collector and dealer.

Highlights include:
Canada 1855 #7vi Used
Canada 1859 #13a 6p Gray Violet Unused
Canada 1868 #28a 12 1/2 Blue on Bothwell Paper Mint
Newfoundland 1857 #7 Used
Great Britain 1880 #56 2sh Pale Brown Used
Great Britain 1876 #73 8p Orange Mint
Great Britain 1882-83 #92a 1 Pound Brown Lilac Used

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DAY 4/5 - April 24

DAY 4 will consist of Great Britain collections and accumulations, and singles/collections/accumulations from USA. This is bound to be a very exciting day as there are many, many fantastic lots throughout. There is lots of earlier and better material intended for the connoisseur collector.

Highlights include:
Some top shelf early Great Britain collections and accumulations
Many USA early classics including groupings and collections
USA 1857 #26 3c Dull Red Block of of Ten Mint w/ PSE Cert
USA 1861 #72 90c Blue Unused
USA 1868 #95a 5c Black Brown Used
USA 1875 #109 24c Deep Violet Mint
USA 1875 #132 90c Carmine and Black Unused
USA 1870 #155 90c Carmine Unused
USA 1875 #166 90c Rose Carmine Mint
USA 1898 #292 $1 Black Mint w/ PSE Cert
USA 1898 #293 $2 Orange Brown MNH w/ PSE Cert

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DAY 5/5 - April 25

DAY 5 will consist of the Rest of the World, from Italy and States/Colonies to Yugoslavia, and worldwide collections. There is a strong offering of Italy including States and Colonies, Japan, Monaco, Netherlands, Russia, South America, Sweden and Switzerland.

Highlights include:
Sardinia 1853 #4 5c Blue Green Fine Mint
Italy 1862-1890 #17/#63 Mint/Used
Italy 1890-1932 #58/#271 Mint/Used
Italy 1979 #1292 2000 I Multi Perf Shift MNH
Monaco 1885 #9 1fr Black Yellow VG-F MH
Russia Space/Rockets Covers Collection
Switzerland 1860’s-1950’s Collection Mint/Used

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