TP42 | Oakwood Gallery Feature Artist

Oakwood Oaktions is thrilled to be showcasing the work of a fabulous new artist.

We have partnered with Golden Golden Gallery to showcase the TP42 Collection.

The subjects of her work range from iconic figures to skulls, hearts, and lips. The more she creates, the greater her inspiration to experiment with new, intricate mediums to create dynamic, eye-catching art. Tracey is a featured artist at the Golden Goose Gallery in Stouffville, Ontario, and creates private commissions.

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Love Life Collection

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Luscious Lips Collection

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Celebrity Icon Collection

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Full Collection

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Artist Biography

Born and raised in Toronto, Tracey is a self-taught emerging artist recognized for her unique, ultra-modern aesthetic. Her bold pop art features diverse mediums from metals, stones and crushed glass to seashells, candy and even sink drains and wrenches. Tracey is especially known for her use of resin finishes to make her pieces “pop”.

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Exciting new on exhibition at Oakwood Auctions

NEW work by Tracey will be featured in our gallery. Noteworthy work includes her famous Resin Lips. Check out the Gigi Bubble Gum lips & the Jennifer Gold Lips for a taste of the fabulous materials this artist uses.

Exclusively sold with Oakwood Auctions and Golden Goose Gallery. Contact us today for your virtual tour!

Full Luscious Lips Collection