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Oakwood Auctions creates a full service solution for an event wanting to provide a comprehensive and interactive bidding experience. We offer a customized catalogue of a multitude of items tailored to your specific event. Using our strategies and techniques, our network of marketing vehicles will generate the most amount of money for your given event.

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Types of Events

Live Auction

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Charity Auction

Four Reasons to Choose Oakwood Auctions For Your Event

1. Applying Proven Marketing Techniques

While setting reserves, Oakwood Auction takes into account the latest trends, your attendee demographics, the genre of your event, and past event bidding histories.

2. Having The Appropriate Products For Your Audience

Our pricing is competitive and we understand inflated opening bids discourage bidders from advancing further, and this drastically reduces any money raised for a charity auction.

3. Putting “Show Business” Into The Event, Making The Atmosphere Just Right!

We help create the thrill of bidding on an item, to increase prices and profits from the auction.

4. Leave Attendees Feeling Great

Attendees of charitable events done in conjunction with Oakwood Auctions, leave feeling they have received something of value, and have given to a worthy cause.

Reduced Commission Rate

All registered charitable organizations receive a reduced commission fee.


Oakwood Auctions will take care of every detail of your auction!

Simple, Seamless Process

A Custom Curated Event Catalogue

Full-Service Solution

Multiple Marketing Vehicles

Simple, Seamless p+Process

  • Our experiences in running highly successful auctions have taught us how to maximize your results while minimizing the work you have to do.
  • Our online bidding platform makes bidding and registration easy using any phone, tablet or iPad with an internet connection.

Custom Curated Event Catalogue

  • Oakwood Auctions can curate a premium auction with our broad selection of products from high end consigning partners. With our experience and buying power, we will make sure there is something for everyone at the appropriate price points.
  • We professionally catalogue any donation you wish to place in your auction.
  • Flexible Buyer’s Premium available.

Full-Service Solution

  • A successful auction involves planning, organization, managing, reporting, and tabulating.  We do it all for you!
  • We also work with event planning partners to help create a full experience for your fundraiser, conference, or gala.
  • Private and public auctions are available.

Multiple Marketing Vehicles

  • We can expand the bidding pool to a broader audience by hosting our auctions on multiple bidding platforms, drawing thousands of followers, and repeat buyers.
  • We make sure to advertise your lots in all the right places and to all the right people.
  • We can also assist in Email and Print Marketing for your event for an additional fee.