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Ever wonder how much your art or object might be worth and how to sell it in auction? We are an auction house focused on providing the utmost Premium Service. Oakwood Auctions team of specialists will guide you through the entire selling process.

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Step 1- Discover What Your Property is Worth

Submit 'Auction Estimate' form. One of our experienced, market-savvy specialists will contact you to provide an accurate valuation of your property.

In some instances we will contact you for further information, or ask you to bring in the object(s) to our office for further inspection.

Fill Out an Auction Estimate Form

1. Auction Estimate Form

Access this form under Partner With Us section

2. Submit Photographs

Take front, back and close up images of your item(s)

3. Provide Information

Add description, dimensions, history and any documentation

4. Review & Submit

All set! Our specialists will reach out to you shortly!

Step 2 - Your Customized Selling Strategy

Oakwood Auctions will help you choose the right strategy to sell your items most efficiently. Our goal is to provide a productive mechanism for achieving favorable prices realized for all consignments.

Options include our online auctions, placement in one of our partner galleries or private sales to our extensive network of collectors.

"An auction house in Canada that works directly with consignors to build long term, trusted relationships"

Step 3 – The Consignment Contract

The consignment contract states the reserve price and OAKWOOD AUCTIONS’ commission, as well as the duration of time we will have possession of your property.

Step 4 – Shipping and Insurance

In most cases, individual consignments will need to be delivered to Oakwood Auctions’ location, where they will be processed for auction.

Our team can assist in arranging to have your property delivered from anywhere in Canada. As a consignor,  you are responsible for Oakwood Auctions receiving your property.

Step 5 – Auction or Private Sale

Oakwood Auctions will send payment to consignors within 45 days of the sale date, provided funds have been received from the purchaser.

Your payment will be based on the hammer price, less our commission. In some instances, additional, agreed upon marketing expenses are also deducted.

Consignors’ Partnership

Oakwood Auctions continuously seeks consignors for our monthly online auctions. We consider it a pleasure and a privilege to assist our clients and view our relationship to be a partnership. Our goal is to provide a productive mechanism for achieving favourable prices realized for all consignments.

Partner with Us

We assist a variety of professionals in providing a selling vehicle for their clients’ property

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